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FLOW 762 Ti

Lighter and quieter than its predecessor, the FLOW 762 Ti sets a new standard for suppression. The latest evolution in Flow-Through® technology delivers above and beyond toxic fume mitigation, accuracy, and repeatability. By 3D-printing entirely with Grade 5 titanium, the FLOW 762 Ti is the lightest rifle suppressor to come from HUXWRX Safety Co. without sacrificing quality, longevity, durability, or functionality. This innovative multi-caliber suppressor utilizes patented and proven Flow-Through® and Torque Lock® technologies. The integrated GeoFlash™ Cap geometry effectively mitigates flash as part of its overall signature reduction functionality. The FLOW 762 Ti is full-auto rated and compatible on 5.56, 6.5, and 7.62 platforms with no barrel restrictions. No modifications (other than QD muzzle device) to the platform or gas system are required to install or operate this suppressor. FLOW Suppressors are the future of suppression, Compromise Elsewhere.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 762, Flash Hider-QD 762, and Flash Hider -QD AK (762)


5.56, 6.5, 7.62, .308, 6MM, 7MM, 300WM, 300 PRC, 30-06
Materials: Grade 5 Titanium
Coating: C-Series Cerakote Matte Black or Flat Dark Earth
Mounts: 5.56/7.62 QD Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders Comp-QD 7.62
Bolt Velocity: +4% from base w/ Flash hider-QD 762*
Barrel Length: No Restrictions
Technology Readiness: TR Level 9 Fully developed, in production
Durability: Passes 6 cycles of the SOCOM reliability stress test. (1 cycle=8×30 round magazines.)
Maintenance: Detailed cleaning should be preformed every 2500 rounds

11.8oz / 335g
Length: 6.7in / 17.2cm
Diameter: 1.8in / 4.6cm

  • Fully 3d-printED
    HUXWRX FLOW line of suppressors are fully DMLS printed in 17-4 Stainless Steel or Grade 5 Titanium for a more efficient and durable product.
  • Flow-THROUGH Technology
    HUXWRX patented OSS Flow-Through® Technology virtually eliminates blowback and toxic gas that can affect weapon system performance and shooter health.
  • Faster Follow-up
    Blowback, recoil, and mirage reduction help the shooters ability to quickly reacquire their target, leading to a faster second follow-up shot.
  • Torque Lock
    HUXWRX Torque Lock is a patented, tool-less locking system that ensures the suppressor will stay securely mounted onto the HUXWRX QD muzzle device.
  • Hearing Safe
    The HUXWRX Test Rifles shall not exceed 140 dB ten shot average sound pressure level at shooter’s ear during barrel life.
  • Full-Auto Rate
    HUXWRX suppressors full-auto rating guarantees the suppressor passes the USSOCOM Reliability Stress Test.
  • Cross-Platform Compatible
    HUXWRX QD suppressors can be used on a variety of calibers and rifle platforms.
  • Precision Certified
    HUXWRX Suppressors are engineered and tested to meet the highest military accuracy specifications worldwide.
  • Repeatable & Minimal Shift
    HUXWRX Suppressors are engineered so that the mounting interface is precise and consistent. The result is repeatable and minimal point of impact (POI) shift that meets military specifications worldwide.
  • No Weapon Mods
    Modifications to the bolt, gas tube, buffer or recoil springs, and other timing modifications are unnecessary.
  • Recoil Management
    Bolt velocity increases vary between -2% to 5% depending on weapon system, barrel length, and ammo types.
  • Serviceable
    Suppressor maintenance can be performed to increase the service life of the suppressor. Easy to soak and shoot to clean.

***All Suppressors must transfer to a Class 3 SOT/FFL.  Contact JSE for more information. 

This item must ship to an Class 3 FFL dealer. Must be 21 to purchase. Please have your dealer E-mail or fax a copy of their SOT and FFL, including your name and order number, to us at or fax to 636-547-2618. Please include the dealer name in the comment section during checkout.



5.56 NATO, 762 NATO


Flat Dark Earth (FDE)


AR15, AR10



Thread Pitch



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HuxWrx Flow 762 Ti 30cal Titanium Suppressor w/ Muzzle Brake- Flat Dark Earth

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