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This injection-molded polymer makes unloading magazines a breeze while reducing the potential for magazine spring failure. Simply lock the magazine into place and use the lever to safely eject each cartridge. Compatible with all AK-47 magazines.

Quickly & Easily Unload Mil-Spec Mags

The Mag-Pump Magdump lets you quickly unload your mil-spec AR-15 mags – without the sore thumb. The BEST way to empty a mag is to put it in the rifle and send the rounds downrange. But when you can’t empty a mag the good way, simply insert it into the Mag-Pump Magdump and it will empty the magazine as fast as you can cycle the handle.

  • Ejects cartridges one at a time
  • Reduces potential for magazine spring failure caused by fully loaded mag sitting for long periods of time
  • Sturdy, lightweight polymer construction

With a Mag-Pump Magdump you can unload a full 30-rd mag in a few seconds, prolonging the life of mag springs and feed lips.











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MagPump AK-47 Mag Dump Magazine Unloader

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